1. jan, 2022

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So now my friends you can have the e-book for the next 23 hours for 0.99 USD.But I recommend you to have the paperback as well with everything in order. As I understand the e-book is only on Amazon.com and you can load the Kindle app for free to read it on your computer or smartphone.You don't need a Kindle reader. The Paperback is on all amazon market. I will check and paste in the link. But paperback is ordinary prise then shipping cost will come thereafter.https://www.facebook.com/events/519578682421920/?active_tab=discussionIn about 5hours Love and disconnections on Amazon for just 0,99 USd ,kl 17 svensk tid.Vad har du för nyårsönskning?Gör något åt detta.Läs boken och jobba med din arketyp.Starts 0,99 USD at 08.00 am,PSt,January 1, 2022, Please leave positive reviews.

I want to thank MD #Ileana Iosif Grankvist and five rhythms dancer in Sweden who read this book and came with valuable thoughts about this book and commented also the pictures needed more information. We danced for many years with different teachers from Sweden, Us and UK. I danced even in the UK and the Us and applied to the teacher’s education 2003 but didn't start. I educated myself to a wellness therapist and came out with my own way of dancing and painting. I have this also in my international autism courses as a way of moving. Later, I also have quite many courses in complementary therapy and in art therapy.I started to write this book because I wanted to show how beautiful love can be and how hard it is to be in it.

When I made my twenty-seven Silver Moon Cards, I began by trying them out on people and showed them to Yaakov Darling-Khan and Jonathan Horan, two of the closest followers of Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms practice of dance. I started to dance with Yaakov in 1997. Not too long ago, he said: “I love them. Please, go on with this . . . This is your dream and don’t change anything.” More recently, Jonathan said: “I love them. Please do not ever stop with this work. These are deep things about archetypes. I can see more of them in your future work. “Gabriel Roth started 5Rhythms, and it is flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, and stillness, led by CEO Jonathan Horan, her son.

The result is this book, with pictures and words from my inner voice. It is a shamanistic work, coming from big experiences in life. It is a mixture of everything, and everyone can use it.

0,99 USD at 08.00 am PST January 1, 2022 ca. kl 17nyårsdagen

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