5. sep, 2021

Love and disconnections på Amazon

Shana tova inom 72 timmar finns Love and disconnections på Amazon som jag kommer att använda tillsammans med Why me? a stolen childhood, Varför händer det mig? en stulen barndom som terapi.Jag pratar med om detta på Limmud i slutet på Oktober. kolla
https://perl-lebov-its.com/ lyssna på minutlånga videos mamma, st, pappa st .Känn efter. Hur mår du mellan 1-10. Om du har sämre än 7 p behöver du min coachning eller terapi gå vidare och fyll i blanketten pdf där du skriver uppgifter om din hälsa och maila info@piaalife.se. Jag kommer erbjuda individuell och grupp terapi på rekommendation av min lärare drKaren E Wells och terapeut Beerman hänvisar till att läsa boken Why me?  A stolen childhood.

LOVE AND DISCONNECTIONS is about trying to feel love and not always connecting. This book is a mixture of cards about love, and the rest is about living in the best way possible without knowing what is going on in a bigger sense. By taking these messages to you personally, you may heal. Perhaps you will need to do it together with me in my workshops, or with another therapist. This book is connected to my original “silver moon-cards” 2005. Text and images by Pia Lebsund, Printed by Kista snabbtryck ISBN-91-632-7400-6 . Second copy 2021 as a manual for therapy sessions and readings.To help people in different situations. Piaalife . I wrote about 40 books.The most of them in autism. Benjamin and I also made 10 fairytales. I wrote books i holistic topic and and biographical fiction. All books are illustrated by me and the fairytales are Benjamins stories and he is also illustrating them. My courses are CTAA certified and I offer also complementary therapies and treatments. Copyright 2005 Pia Lebsund. Unauthorized reproduction by any means including photocopying of any part of this publication is an infringement of copyright. URDANSURMÅLERI is a registered tradename of Pia Lebsund. LOVE AND DISCONNECTIONS I started to write this book because I wanted to show how beautiful love can be, and also how hard it is to be in it. When I made my 27 silver moon-cards, I began by trying them out on people and showed them to Yaakov Darling-Khan and Jonathan Horan, two of the closest followers of Gabrielle Roth's 5 Rhythm practice of dance. I started to dance with Yaakov in 1997. Not too long ago he said: ” I love them. Please, go on with this…This is your dream and don't change anything”. More recently Jonathan said: “I love them. Please, don´t ever stop with this work. These are deep things about archetypes. I can see more of them in your future work ". The result is this book with pictures and words from my inner voice. A shamanistic work, coming from big experiences in life. A mixture of everything. Everyone can use it. I grew up in a suburb of Stockholm, in Sweden. My parents survived the holocaust and I have listened to their stories about the war. Both of my parents came from Muncacs, a Chassidic town in Czech-Ukraine, as they called their country. Today it is Ukraine. My parents taught me to love everybody like myself, but in Sweden that is hard because there is a widespread Swedish maxim (Jantelagen) that you should not believe that you are significant. Thus it is very hard to do things without the approval of the big group. Swedish people don´t like it if you think you are better in any way, and will alienate you if you do. Mother came, as a teenager, with a Red Cross bus from Poland to Sweden at the end of the war, weighing only 24 kg. My father came later from Germany. My maternal grandparents and paternal grandfather died during the war. My paternal grandmother remarried and immigrated to the US where she lived in New Jersey. I never met my grandmother, because my father´s stepfather didn't allow her to visit us in Sweden, and my father wasn't healthy enough to travel to the US. I grew up influenced by two cultures and have tried to take the best of both, but have had a hard time choosing. I was educated in public administration and worked for about twenty years as an administrator and politician. I also have experiences from my own businesses.  I have also had my father's dream to live in the US. I tried to live there a few times, but still live in Sweden. I don't know if the grass is greener on the other side, or if it is just an illusion. I married and divorced in the orthodox Jewish way. Later, I released myself from the bonds of Orthodox Judaism. Since my beloved son Benjamin was not accepted in the synagogue because of his handicap, he has helped me to live a life we have both enjoyed.

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