29. jul, 2021

my courses for 12.99 USD, CTAA certifeid,Unique

 This is module 2, movements from my method Learning more skills in autism now special discount on Udemy.You could also see how Benjamin is playing basketfootballsquash bandy with me. Module 3, Social https://youtu.be/THJElmXEm1g https://youtu.be/Hfbw73ARENo https://youtu.be/vB1nV2m9tg4  Benjamin is playing squash bandy from my module 2 in my method Module 1,2,3 movements. Learning more skills in autism have a better life is CTAA certified.Unique in this world combination of complementary treatments with special pedagogics in autism.I researched autism special pedagogic.Wrote more then 30 books, had more the 25 art exhibition. Danced more then 50 years. Active as a politician for 10 years in handicap area, health and alternative treatments fro the Green party.Art therapy and much more. Benjamin is an artist and had more then 25 art exhibitons inn Uppsala and made fairytales with me as a storyteller and illustrator. I was fired from my job as a budget planner in the Stockholm School administration 1995 because I saw the kids in autism were not having free time activities in School as normal kids had. I made a pre study that showed it when the kids where 14 year old they moved to institutions because nothing where giving them in Stockholm. My boss fired me and I started to consult in free time activities around Stockholm City in Huddinge, Täby and Vallentuna and they started to open up Schools in autism.I also remade Lindeparken to ah arts for autistic youngsters in 2000 and made the same thin in Uppsala in Ottelin skolan and also on daycare centers where autistic people worked with their disabilities. communication went to art museum taking the subwaypainting and socializing even during the COVID19 and sensory stimulations the colours, picking flowers painting them, painting the animalspainting from the books I read and making more arts from his and my fairytales and much more.Professionals, mums and dads, and newbies.3 levels.CTAA certified unique, complementary therapies in the world with more then 30 years of experiences, 30+ books art therapy and exhibitions, researchautismspecial pedagogics and my own tested computer program more then 5+ years. 26 art exhibitions, dancing, more then 50 + years, political work more then 10 + years and much more.https://www.facebook.com/pia.lebsund More examples on Sensosry stimulations and communiactions as examples from courses Learning more skills in autism on 3 ,Learningmoreskills 3evels.Unique CTAA certified.

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