18. jul, 2021

Catarina Malmrot and me

Pia Lebsund

#Catarina Malmrot and I met at a seminar with #JT Foxx. For three years we are supporting each other in finding out good strategies for our businesses. She is in leadership. https://www.facebook.com/catarina.malmrot We are both serious women in making our dreams coming to throw with our visionary way of seeing what is happening in this world. I am about 30 year's before my time and now people are more in synch with what is started for 30 years ago. We both also have a holistic approach.I started with making a prestudy in free time activities for kids in autism at Stockholms skolförvaltning. The office of School Administration in Stockholm. They didn't understand the importance.Then I consulted in Stockholm a county.Benjamin and i made commercials fro #Viktoriafonden.#The Crown princess #Viktoria sholarship for helping kids in autism having freetime acitivites.That was sent from #SVT1,(television) in #1997 from Liljeholmsbadet when we where swimming. I wrote quite many books in autism and studied, researched.Tested out a computer program for autism in #Sofiaskolan,Västerås) and in #Spöket (Preschool in Stockholm) I made everything myself and it took 5 years. #Benjamin and I had #25 art exhibitions and he was the #first one in autism having his art exhibition for youngsters in #Liljevalchs in 2000. I also worked for 10 years for the #Green party (#miljöpartiet) in #social#handicap politics, #health#alternative treatments and wrote in the #party program about it and also in Stockholm a county and city. I wrote to #Queen Silvia about #child abuse and #communication handicaps and asked for starting up a center. I tried also the parliament to start up a center another mum and me talked to #BRIS and #FUB for helping kids having strategies to not be abused and education started in this area. I initiated #Stockholm opera underground to do a project in Bredäng, to help kids with #communication disorders to sing together with professionals #1998 the #culture year in Stockholm.International courses in autism since 2018 Learning more skills in autism for professionals, parents, newbies, CTAA certified on Udemy.Reference litterature Why me ?A stolen childhood on Forum för Levande historia,

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