16. apr, 2021

#7 energies challenge ,Colette Baron-Reid

Second energy of #7energies in 7 days challenge."If you are feeling “off” or drained when you’re with someone, they may be siphoning your energy. In such an instance, this connection is not good for you, no matter how charismatic the person is or how attracted to them you feel. Do not mistake codependency for closeness or allow your boundaries to become too porous. Trust your instincts and take care of you. Practice saying no. Avoid the temptation to turn off and go numb; instead be present. Somewhere in the middle of this “feeling spectrum” is where the magic is" WellnessreferensPiaochBenjisböckerSocial skillsModule1,2,3infoPiastavlorBenjamins art

#Energy 3's Message: Do you know what it means to express personal sovereignty in your life? It’s about how you hold to your inner sense of worth and integrity, secure in your belief that you have a unique purpose. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, knowing who you are and that nothing outside you can challenge your authentic self, the hard-won seat of awareness that you have earned.

You are the ruler of your mind, and you’re being invited now to consider what discipline you need to apply to your thoughts. Are they consistent with the values and beauty you intend for your life? It is important now to keep your focus on what is right and good for you as well as others.

Challenges in your life at this time, no matter how large or small, must be met with a measured response. If life sends you a challenge, can you speak up and set your boundaries with grace and surety? Calm, intelligent leadership is called for now. Sovereigns know when to plan their battles, so stay out of unnecessary skirmishes and strategically wield your personal power. Now is the time to lead from the heart, from your authenticity and integrity. Hold your head high and know your worth—that is the mark of a true sovereign" # And I really express myself and have right to be me!

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