29. mar, 2021

What is hypnostherapy? by #Dr Karen E Wells

Listen to #Dr Karen E Wells .My teacher in #hypnostherapy and #regression therapy.What it is and what it is not.Listen to #Dr Karen E Wells .My teacher in #hypnostherapy and #regression therapy. I am certified from DR Karen E Wells and CTAA in past life regressions and different kind of regressions LBL, life between lives, Future lives, Regressions in Cycles, Regression in Karma and DNA and parallel lives. I have clients that tried this from the US, Australia and Canada. You can read on www.piaalife.se references what they said.You can also listen on her link what hypnos therapy is and is not.If you danced the five rhythms and cycles and need more information I can help you threw hypnos therapy and a deep regression in cycles. First you need to take a general past life regression to see how that is coming out for you and I need more information about your health before going deeper.If you are interested then you can book me. I worked with clients in the Us,Australia,Canada.You can read reviews on my CV www.piaalife.se 


English references and Swedish Sammanfattning aktiviteter jag igångsatt ,undervisat,visionerat

I had a past life regression with Pia that was amazing. She helped me resolve issues that I had carried over from my past. It also helped me to better understand issues that I'm dealing with in this life time. 
I very highly recommend a session with Pia!!!

Julie Mcntosh

After having a past life regression with Pia I am definitely more able to understand issues that I have carried over from other past lives. Having done this I find myself more relaxed when those issues come up now. I'm able to focus more on the positives that come into my life. I highly recommend Pia! Bobbie Welch

Pia Did LBL past life and future life regression. I was very pleased with her services. She helped bring out alot of what I've been blocked from and has made me much more understanding and calm. I highly recommend her. 


Thank you Pia!!! 
My LBL was really amazing! Literally out of this world. This experience was so much more than words can describe. I'm so pleased with what I learned about my journey. I think everybody should try this.
Love, light and many blessings 💞

I would like to thank you for my reading, it helped bring clarity and love to my current situation. I so appreciate you and your guidance 
Bobbie Welch I would like to thank you for my reading, it helped bring clarity and love to my current situation. I so appreciate you and your guidance :)

Bobbie;Thank you Pia for my future life regression it really showed me where I need to dig deeper in my life and the possibilities that are open and in front of me :)

Pia, thank you for the Valentine's card reading.
Beautiful cards and amazing messages!!!
Bless you for sharing

My reading with Pia was very comforting and informing, I felt a calmness and love wash over me after receiving it. Thank you so very much Pia

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