24. sep, 2020

Positive mums who want the best for their kids in autism

I am considering starting a course for positive mothers who want the best for their children with autism. You are about 30 to 40 years old and have the energy, time, priorities and self-financed. You do not want to let others destroy your kid with drugs.So I think I'll start this soon. 3 modules with 5 sequences and 3 coaches. Want to know more? Email me info@piaalife.se. I start from the dad and mom course but have cut this down around dad's shortcomings. Do you think you can try one exercise per week so that after 5 exercises there is coaching by me that is general and where you collect questions before and email me? Then module 2 in a similar way and then module 3. Great. The course is now in English which I will take as it is CTAA certified. I will have the modules on my tribe and there the coaching will also be only for paying clients. If you want private coaching, I can arrange this and charge for this. I have more than 30 years of experience and have supported several schools, daily activities and housing in autism. I have studied and researched at the Teacher Training College special education and supplemented with complementary treatment methods internationally via CTAA. Today I have more than 30 books and have written and illustrated children's books with my son Benjamin.We have also had 25 art exhibitions. I have talked about autism in various contexts at our art exhibitions but also in political contexts where I discussed disability policy. During the 90's I started leisure activities in Stockholm, Huddinge, Täby and Vallentuna. Dance and movement from the Sports Academy and the Teacher Training College and worked in several schools with this. In addition, I have had teaching in Stockholm County from north to south from preschool to Komvux in autism and ordinary kids in community-oriented subjects, dance, fitness and art. So I've seen more than most where it does not work.

After every module you can ask me questions before the coaching and I will answer it live so three modules and 3 general coachings in my tribe 295 USD. This tribe just for paying members.Do you need extra coaching then I can make a plan for you? Sensory stimulations, movements, Social skills. If you can make about 1 module in 5 weeks so this will be in 15 weeks.Please mail to me for questions.For Swedish members I can help in Swedish.Then you will get your licence from me that you made this on your kid from Piaalife Academy.Be aware that you made this only on one child that I checked you up with. Kids with autism have big variations. If you need this professional. I have to make a special one for you with more exercises and making it on at least 3 different kids with different levels.I need to see your notes on a diary but also videos showing progress.Be aware in one week small progress is normal.You need more time to make it better.

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