9. feb, 2019

Trauma?when your child has been diagnosed in AutismValentine discount 11.99 Euro

 Valentine discount <3 for four days just 11.99 Euro <3 <3 <3


I am remaking Trauma?When your child has been diagnosed in Autism. I think I managed all the videos and captions now as it is LIVE already because
I had other content before.Now these fresh contents are relevant right after having your child diagnosed or not in autism. All the phases in life and trauma.You can learn something from this.
In the end I have exercises for you to make to focus on what is important in every step to prepare for.Yes, you could prepare years before to have a structure as I had.
Evan with all chaos and trauma you will have a structure.Because you will have a lot of chaos as the world is like it is.Trauma is a ticket on something is wrong.But you can work through it.Look what I have to go, though.
Yes, you will pay a price and probably your child also but you will be much more prepared then I was. How can I say this?
Because of my life experiences and knowing different fields how they are working. I am not just talking I am living my life in the way. 
I am walking it.Walking my talks.
On the way you will meet friends, colleagues, mentors that seems to be good then shifted to the opposite.Because of the stress you are in you will not see this first.
Stay focused be aware what you are having around you.Much harder if it is on Internet.They can hide more there.But still they are good people out there as well.In real life as on internet.
But be aware of the beasts sponsored from people with tons of money. 
Right now I now certain rich countries from the Middle east with a lot of oil are sponsoring handicap organisations special Autism. Be aware of that.
They want something back from you to control.Some are sponsored to be the biggest leaders in helping in different areas, but they just want your money.
I was giving away a lot during my years but I need to feed myself and my son now so I need to have paid for my knowledge threw courses and books now.
I am already 61 years old so I did decades of charity work already.Still I give free Promo and courses but that maybe Will close soon to just discounted courses.<3

Pia Lebsund 14.99 Euro instead of 109 Euro. I think this course is good to have with Learning more skills in Autism, for dummies.Have a better life.No both for 30 Euro an investment that you can afford.Having advices on your life journey with autism..

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