3. nov, 2018

Trauma? New course on Udemy out.Happy Halloween,Fathers...

 November 3.

I made a session 12 for ASD dads as AS A  START KIT. NOW THE COURSE 9.99 Usd

Most of you right now are fathers searching for info on the topic trauma?. I was making this from my prespective as awoman.Fahters role from my perspective.

I. Search for you Autism organisation in that country you are living for help.US,India, Canada,Bangladesh, Malaysa was the top countries you are coming from check for others countries if I didn´t list you. 50 different countries I can not see. and 

2. Google up Dads of disablity a book if that is something for you to read on Amazon.

 3. Search for dads group in the Autism organisations in you country. 

4. Ask for support right away to sort out things what is important for you.

5. Different kind of dads. Typic dads without diorders living in a family with kids in Autism, Dads with ASD or similar diagnosis livng in a family with kids in ASD, Single dads typical. Single dads in ASD, Dads typical with mother in ASD and children in ASD. DAds with asd and mothers with ASD and children with ASD.,and variations of this.Not the same as typical dads living a normal family life. Not the same things to make and advises can not be used from them!!! 

6. you need also good male therapist that has experiences in helping men in thoses situations.

7. Less information on this topic out there.

8. *I will soon make afirst start kit for you in this situation and also put in experiences i could see from other man in those situations.

9). Now I have to visit my son and I have also problems right now with my leg and healing from things.  

t now 84,99 USd

Free coupons for you that needs help in your trauma having a child with autism or similar diagnoses.My new course on Udemy..Looking forward for your reviews later.<3

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