20. aug, 2018

Healing soul retrieval-packages

I will make individual packages for soul retrieval. Is it karmic then maybe 2 -3 karma retreivals to clear it out and crital reiki healing,maybe flowertherapy healing and other kind of heling . Another one for Grief as I am also grief therapist. I can offer you past life regression coming back to when you conceived into your mothers womb and from that leading you in deeper healing. Maybe 2-3 times and from that different healing as flowers, crystals, reiki etc. another package from divorse-sepration going back in lineage of your mother and mothers before, fathers and children up to 3 times and also healing. As you can understand I can make unique soul retrieval packages for you individual.

If you know what to heal I can also offer you hypnosis 3-times and healing as a package on different issues. Anger, jealousy, phobia,different behaviours and much more. I can also offer group hypnosis on issues that are easier to solve as eating less chocolate or talking public for just one time. Price : 100 USD per session individual.Packages discount 300 USD and then healing is included for value of 50-100 usd.
 For groups I take per person 10 USD but you have to be more then 3 persons for a group.Then it is general hypnostherapy for stop eating chocolate for an example. Interested then please mail info@piaalife.seIf you worked a lot with finding your spirituality and fragments where taking away from you somehow.Then this is very good to do.Even if you where weakened somehow.....

Pia Lebsund Goes very well together with my offerings of hypnotherapy or past life regressions going back to your inner child and healing it or in past lives where you met people around you that are harming you know and heal it it the karmic wheel.If you still have problems more have to be done.Maybe yelousy sent to you three negative energy projecting on you, then you need to shied yourself more threw different methods. Crystal healing is one that I can help you with too a s crystal reiki master. See references on www.piaalife.se

Pia Lebsund Yealousy is a very bad condition/sickness when all parts are hurted. That needs to be taken away. We have a lot of the maxim of Jante where I live so I know.Instead of beeing yealous dig dipper in yourself and find what you can make to feel better with trying something positive nomatter what others think about you. This prices is just for a short while.

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