15. feb, 2018

Valentine surprice February 14 only 2 tickets left

Okay okay I  Sensory stimulation know this is the surprice for tomorrow Valentine day but Julie McIntosh was so curious so I didn't want her to wait what will happen tomorrow.If you want one card reading tomorrow on this ,I have 5 free tickets. Now just 3 left I am letting them go now. See you.Happy Valentine <3. So mail to info@piaalife.se or send me a mail on messanger .The rest of you can also have readings .One card reading 20 USD and the first 5 from that is no 6,7,8,9,10 will have it for 10 USD.Kontakt  

You can also read their references in my readings that i offered on Valentine day...Actually I still have 2 tickets for free as I promised 5 yesterdaye.So who is the lucky one. Value onecard reading 20 Usd, 2 card reading 40 USD.I gave the ladies 2 cards readings.

I prefere to give readings for people that already are beliving in this effect not drinking alcohol, using drugs having mental illnes and y should be older the 25 year's old.

Pia Lebsund If I notice that something is going very wrong in a reading. Let say I am offering a free reading and that person says that it is not at all right.Then I can ask more questions and if you want me to have another card.

But please remember I am psychic 
so I will now if that is true or if you are not aware of your own patterns.Then it is time for me to offer you somebody else or thinking over a Regression therapy with me a past life regression but only if you feel okay for me to do that.Not any mental illnesses,not drinking ,druging and older then 30 years. <3

Ali Marie just wrote this; thank you so much for the reading. It brought so much calmness and peace to me:) you're truly amazing!!blessed to have connected with you💜

Bobbie Welch I would like to thank you for my reading, it helped bring clarity and love to my current situation. I so appreciate you and your guidance :)

Julie;Pia, thank you for the Valentine's card reading.
Beautiful cards and amazing messages!!!
Bless you for sharing

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