27. feb, 2018

More Valentin gifts from me for kids,people in Autism

This is even more crazy Valentin gift from me to you.Module1,2,3 Did you check up the Story telling I showed you for a few days in Autism.If not hurry up doing it.Do you have a kid or student that is needing this course so you can start to communicate with him or her? If you are very qick one ticket is free for you But I want you to have 5 interested clients in this and they will have good bonuses.The first will have 50 % off, the second 40 % off, the third 30 % off and the second 20 % off and the last and fifth will have 10 % off. Scroll  this blogg and check February 7.I have 2 bloggs that date.Look  also at my latest video  from today on facebook Pia Lebsund.

Single moms and dads buy yourselves a red rose and eat something good together with your kids today your are bravhearted spouls that honours something very important.you may not have time with your romantic love. <3 so I will offer 2 readings for single parents for free int this situation if you book today on info@piaalife.se referens

 I have 3o years of experience in autism please check references on the link. I have also more references to paste in.The playful monsters was checked from native English speaking mothers having kids with Autism. They came from UK, US, New Zeeland in 2015,Aso the Swedish version checked in A  Swedish speaking and English speaking mother and kid.

I started up niches with Autism In Sätragådsskolan autistic and free time activities as a coach in 1990.1995, Stated free time investigation at Stockholm’s community in Skolförvaltningen in. 1995, I coached the county in Free time activities Huddinge,Täby.Vallentuna and Stockholm’s communities.

I started up niche in Lindeparken 2000- 2002 ,I started up a niche in Ottelinskolan in 2004-2006 I started up niche in working with arts and other forms as a job in Uppsala, Fri *Form at 2013.I hade 25 art shows together with Benjamin and talking about my method Module 1,2,3 that from the ginning was Grundteknik för barn och ungdomar med autism 1995.

I worked in handicap politics from 1996 to December 2006 in Stockholm’s community, county and wrote about handicap politics fro the green party. I made also a computer program evary day with Benji and his pals 1995 that I also tested on kids with Autism and ordinary kids in 1995-1999 and studied and researched Special pedagogic at the University Lärarhögskolan.

Ali Marie just wrote this; thank you so much for the reading. It brought so much calmness and peace to me:) you're truly amazing!!blessed to have connected with you💜




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