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Licensed now in LBL,FLR,Early Valentin gift 5 free tickets of LBL regression 0 left and second LBL s

Väsen in Swedish and Realms is a study I did on Swedish realms and compaired it to what I licensed from Doreen Virtue Books as a realmreader, fairylogist, angel reader,angel intuitive,Flower reader/therapist ,Crystal reader.Flowers I learned most from Robert Reeves Sensory stimulationreferensand crystals from Judith Lukomsky . Readings most from Radleigh Valentine oracle cards.So the history behind is more from Doreen Virtue. today she is is only practising her new Christian directions so no more realms just christian symbolics is allowded from her beleive system. As I have another backgrund and dived deeper in Kabbala from my jrewish roots this is making more sense .When I am alos licensed asapast life regression therapist.Life between and Beyond lives therapsit.Future life hypnosis teharpsit,and moreis explained for me. My clients astral journey gives me more and more proof of this. So if you want to learn morePlease be me client. a past life regression takes about 2 hours just now price is 200 usd,Life between lives takes 3 hours for 300 USd and a future life regression takes 2 hours for 200 hours.Later on I will aslo offer Genetic code hypnosis, DNa-hypnosis and karmic whell hypnosis that I am aaslo licencsed in. I will dive deeper in this advanced etecniques later on in Manchester.So welcome.I make also readings 1,card 20 usd, 2 cards 20 usd, 3 cards 30 USd. you can read about refrences in those things on www.piaalife.se.

Jag kommer också erbjuda past life regression på svenska ..Just nu 2 biljetter för 800 kr rabatterbjudande.boka på info@piaalife.se Se gärna referenser  referens på min hemsida www.piaalife.se.

Pia Lebsund 5 lucky persons from Canada, the US and Australia was having free Regression therapy sessions with me and was very happy having it and licenced. So now is 2 tickets for  100 USD to book in past life regression as I a, licenced.this is avery discounted price. You can read references here on this blogg or referens

The next step is a regression between lifes.That is a very deep regression what happens between lifes and finding your soul group and guides and wise ones and your purpurse in this life and more.referensKontakt

You have to be in a good condition making this. Not any mental illneses or using any alcohol or drugs

. I am searching 5 volunters making this.I appreciate in the first place people that was working with themsleves in personel development. First I am searching for people I know from courses we joined together with teachers as Doreen Virtue and collegues, Christie Marie Sheldon and similar teachers. The session is up to 3 hours.I will send pre talk document before we start the sessions.If you are interersted send me a message on messanger or mail to

referensPia Did LBL past life and future life regression. I was very pleased with her services. She helped bring out alot of what I've been blocked from and has made me much more understanding and calm. I highly recommend her. 


 Thank you Pia!!! 
My LBL was really amazing! Literally out of this world. This experience was so much more than words can describe. I'm so pleased with what I learned about my journey. I think everybody should try this.
Love, light and many blessings 💞

After having a past life regression with Pia I am definitely more able to understand issues that I have carried over from other past lives. Having done this I find myself more relaxed when those issues come up now. I'm able to focus more on the positives that come into my life. I highly recommend Pia! Bobbie 

I had a past life regression with Pia that was amazing. She helped me resolve issues that I had carried over from my past. It also helped me to better understand issues that I'm dealing with in this life time. 

I very highly recommend a session with Pia!!!


 Bobbie;Thank you Pia for my future life regression it really showed me where I need to dig deeper in my life and the possibilities that are open and in front of me :)

Carolanne,Nadeau;I experienced a LBL and past life consultation with Pia Lebsund. I came away from this experience with a greater understanding of who I AM, where I came from and certain family dymannics and feelings have been occuring in my life. I felt safe, relaxed and was able to communicate with my Spiritual Team and also clarify and release old thought patterns and beliefs. Thank you Pia for the wonderful experience and learning.

Pia Lebsund You are welcome Carolanne Nadeau. Do you remember how you felt in the past life regression?

Carolanne Nadeau Yes I do, vividly.

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