12. jul, 2017

Testing my Silvermooncards for an internationel public.

Yesterday I gave a 3 card reading from my Silver moon cards that I created  2003 afer dancing many year´s. I made 27 cards that came to me threw my guides and archangels after dancing 5 r.They where ment to be in my dance teacher licence but I didn´t licence as a 5r teacher instead  I danced more Oriental dance and Klezmer and different dances and took a course in teaching out dancing for kids and youngsters at Lärarhögskolan together with Idrottshögskolan  2007.

I also used my Silver moon cards in my wellness therapist education 2004-2005 in Sverigehälsan an my collegues liked them even if they didn´t dance and could go further on with their day.

I danced for more then 50 year's and started with jazz, then Israeli folklore, then different danses, aalsa, African, Oriental,Bellydances, Klezmer, 5r , own dance combinations with choreography, foxtrot, valse, chacha and quite many other dances and inspirations from the east as well.I used it in my brand UrdansUrmåleri.

After having six soon seven licences with from Doreen Virtue and her collegues Robert Reeves, Judith Lukomski and Radleigh ValentineSensory stimulation am I also testing my wings with my own cards to an internationel public. Please go to my Facebook page PiadansarPia dansar and leave a comment or on my Facebook Pia Lebsund  or on my web.Kontakt

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