13. sep, 2016

The playful monsters in English and also soon a Swedish version

I made the demo to The playful monsters in English with my and Benjamin’s illustrations. I have also my photos integrated in our illustrations. Now I have five ladies checking my English and also looking how their kids with autism react on my demo. They are coming from US, UK and New Zealand. I hope this will be an interesting way of story to learn more from. Benjamin is soon 32 year’s old and can not read or write. As you know I tried everything including my  own method Module 1,2,3. He has different difficulties. But I taught him to live a better life with his autism. Story telling is a closer way to learn to read and write. He couldn’t story tell either.Therefore you need my knowledge in coaching you with my method Module 1,2,3 and my books. If not you have to try everything yourself for more then twenty year´s. That takes time, money from you to do. Module1,2,3 referens Food  Wellness  Questions  I had all kind of professions helping him from the autism habilitation team as speach therapists, Occupational therapists, psychologist, special pedagogic coach, curator,and all kind of pedagogic treatments, doctors and more . I also tried all kind of treatments - All kind of massage, alternative treatments, homeopathy, naturopathy. aromatherapy, bach drops, foods. I am giving him Swedish massage that I learned in 2005 in my wellness therapist education. Healing methods all kind. I think my method with sensory stimulation, movements and social skills was giving him most. Story telling is one part of the third leg in my method in social skills. He is both illustrating and can put this in a story. I did that to help him. Nobody believed this was possible.Before that I tried to do all things in the right order motoric skills, from my method. Several speach therapists, special pedagogic coaches in autism and other professions including researchers didn’t believe this was possible. They where wrong and I was right. The same thing with my method. They where wrong. Later on I can read other researchers could find different small areas in my method that was making succcess. I encourage you to support me and my son in this. We really struggled for all year´s. Sorry if my spelling is not ok now. I have terrible pain in my back and fibromyalgia because of all stress. I had 25 art exhibitions with Benjamin Benjamins art and danced Pia dansar for decades with him all kind of rhythms,different kind of movements also tried different kind of movements like eurythmi, music therapy, different music, instruments to play,dance therapy, judo, all kind of movements in sports  like basket, eye and hand coordinations with motoric skills,baseball, squach,bandy, swimming, Hallywijk swimming and play, climbing all sorts, playing in different outdoor and indoor activities with other children and with me. Reading all kind of fairy tales, a lot of computer programs, a lot of theater, films, different kind of expressions in arts, screen, cheramics, other kind of expressing in different materials,masquerads, social activties different kind, travels to different countries, places. I can have a big list. I wrote over 25 books and manuals in autism. One is Social skills.

I made a computer program in researsh in ADL for over 20 year´s ago that you also can read more about on this homepage. I tested to make him feel better in areas of health, wellness, pedagogic, sports, all sort of arts, theater, dance, music, healing, motoric training all sorts, computer program for his level, pictures for his level, museums, nature, water, sand, wind, sun, walking in different elements. environment,meditation,crystall healing, zon therapy, resting, snoesele, indoor and outdoor training all kind of motoric training. Massage.kineseologi, reflexiology, hompeopathy, Bachs drophs,different diets,Now echologic food without lactose see Benjamins Food, I wrote last year. Antroposophy, Montessori, TEACHH, KBT,and more. Most nuanced trainings is from me. 

I am attracting people that really are interested in this.Please respect the time, money and knowledge that I invested in this.I just want positive people to my method to attract this and knowing healthy bounds.Before drama addicted people tried to destroy this for me.But they destroyed it for them selves and other's because this was not coming out. Other's are free to test their own methods and taking time and money to do so.



Looking like a connection to Snow White and Cinderella in Swedish Snövit och Askungen? Correct.Benjamin told me that Snow white is the queen in Snow land and now he has his own story but his monsters, the princes. the dragon, the bears and other´s....

©.  all rights reserved pics,arts, text, Pia and Benjamin Lebsund

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