18. aug, 2016

Healing.Sensory stimulation on Kindle/Amazon

I visited a garden and smelled again at the lotuses. You can enjoy my pictures on beautiful flowers in my book Sensory stimulation and also have a meditation guided from me click on wellness on my website. If you are a parent to a kid with autism it is good for you to meditate and for your kid to enjoy beautiful colours from the flowers and their smell.Wellness and click relax for parents. Scroll to my meditation.

Are you aware of the stress around you can be post traumatic. Be aware of the signals and stress down.

Attention to Cynthia Chong Sing , Micki Reed Johnson and other parents to kids with autism to share to other parents with autism. I am waiting for your mail,

Basic Meditation Steps Commit to meditating upon awakening and right before bedtime. Select a quiet and comfortable place where you won’t be interrupted. It doesn’t need to be an entire room. A corner of a bedroom or a bathroom will do. Get comfortable. Lying down is fine if you know you won’t fall asleep. Keep your arms uncrossed so that energy can flow freely through your body. Loosen or take off any binding clothing. Close your eyes. Inhale deeply and slowly through your nose. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling of taking in fresh air until it completely fills your lungs. Hold the breath for four seconds or longer. Slowly exhale through your mouth. Feel the release of all worries, concerns, or tension as you let the air out. Think on to follow your breathe first."The lightworker", Doreen Virtue.

After a while put something that is calming you dawn. For me it is the sea ,water, the nature, a flower.

How is it working with SMART goalsetting. Scroll down to see what SMART is Try to chooce one goal that is important for you, Why not trying to meditate with less stress more focus? Try it for 10 minutes every day as a start. Make ajournal for two weeks. If you made it reward yourself with something good. Like a massage, something in wellness.More about SMART on Facebook.

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