2. apr, 2016

My inner journey

My inner Journey is a short book from a gift came to me in the unlimited abundance group. This is for the group or you that meditated more then 20 year's and are healthy.I draw all illustrations from the places I made deep transformations in my own meditation technique and guidance that I shared in this group. Just a few situations is in this book. For you that never meditated this can be very hard to understand.
Also a warning for sensitive people to join this kind of groups because very hard challenging comes in the procress. A lof of people was getting sick and felt bad  while their where healing and also out of this group for certain kind of time with no warning. This is not a journey with a secure therapist leading you on this. It is up to you to make the best of it. I am not recomminding people that is having dangerous diseases in heart , epelepsy, mental illness and similar to join this. You will not have a proffesional guidance.

I am a wellness therapist myself and do my own guidance total different. Autistic persons I guide in my own method module 1,2,3 that is a 30 year´s long experience that I had in my professions in special peadagogics  and research. Please separate this .Copyrighted material by Pia Lebsund. All rights copyrighted, text, pictures in the book, homepage, webinars. bloggs and more, 2015. That means also material that I made from1995-2015.

8. Jul, 2015

Book release ,My inner Journey

8. Jul, 2015

My inner journey: with the unlimitied abundance group 2015
av Pia Lebsund
I worked with spiritual healing for over thirty year´s active in many ways. Different meditation. Tao, qi-gong,dancing different dances,ritual theatre,painting, symbols,chanting, writing, singing, ceramics,making photos and active helping near friends and kids with special needs. This is a bridge to heal me in all aspects in my life and I have also academic tools that I use in my profession. but it is important for me to clearing my blocks from this and past lifetimes even negative energies that was sent in different way that i didn´t want to have.
Thank you Christie.-Marie Sheldon for being my teacher in this and all my friends in this tribe. You helped more and other´s didn´t  for sure in an inner spiritual way. I am thankful for learning to know you on a soul level.

I am single mother to and adult son with autism and rose in a Swedish Jewish orthodox community in Stockholm. My both parents survived the concentration camps that I was forced to listen from an early age and made bad impacts on my life.

I married orthodox to a Jewish family but things were not coming out right.
I and my son were bulled out of the community because I initiated a divorce from the rabbinate. As there was a chief rabbi in my ex-husbands family so much shame and guilt projected on me and my son. I found the culture life and spiritual life to heal me and my son from the wounds from the community; meanwhile I was studying more special pedagogic and coached other communities. I’m trying to take back my birthright and life power to live my life with the highest and happiest energies together with my son, close firends, colleges and soon soul mate.

The book is out soon in a lot of internationel bookstores on internet.The cover is the same as the facebook group piaalife.copyrighted material. Not allowded to copy anything.No pictures can be copied.Check also perl-lebovits.simplesite.com



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